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To Visit

We strive to make your visit to the Congo as seamless as possible. The information on this page will help you plan your trip, arrive well prepared, and answer any questions you might have about the Kamba experience.

When to Visit

The Congolese rainforest has basically two seasons: Wet and Less Wet (also known as Dry). Rain is an essential part of the ecosystem and brings a cooling effect on balmy days. And we have dry days too! Because we are on the Equator, temperatures fluctuate very little, ranging from 25°C to 28°C (77°F to 82°F).

In fact, our big mammals — including Western Lowland Gorilla, Forest Elephant, and Forest Buffalo — do not migrate and can be found in the area year-round. That makes any time of year a wonderful time to explore the Congo Basin.

Wet Season
Average Temperature: 26°-27°C (78.8°-80.6°F)
Average Rainfall: 8-11 days per month;
108-129mm (4.2-5 in.)

While weather varies from day to day, the wet season usually involves frequent short heavy rains along with a rise in temperatures. This happens twice: beginning around the end of April before tapering off in mid-June, and again towards the middle of September, with heavier rains beginning in October and temperatures cooling down in November. Rains start to diminish in December. The wet season’s equatorial storms bring especially picturesque skies — a photographer’s delight.

Dry Season
December–March &
Average Temperature: 25.7°C – 26.5°C (78.3°F – 80°F)
Average Rainfall: 7.5–8 days per month; 48–132mm (1.9–5.2 in.)

The “short” dry season from December through February brings gentler rain, hazy air, and lower humidity. It starts to get hotter towards the end of March. July is one of the least wet and coolest months, with temperatures staying fairly low through August. September is usually the end of the low-rainfall season. During the dry season, gorillas hunt for ripe fruit in the trees, making them easier to observe, and more wildlife is drawn to the baïs.

Visitor's Checklist

At least 1
month prior to
    • Book international flights to and from Brazzaville (BZV)
    • Ensure your passport has at least two blank pages and is valid for six months after your arrival date
    • Acquire Letter of Invitation and visa information from Kamba Download Predeparture Information
    • Submit Kamba Indemnity Form
      Download Indemnity Form
    • Book any additional excursions, such as Sapeurs tour in Brazzaville or Sangha Lodge
    • Confirm travel insurance, including cancel-for-any-reason coverage
weeks prior to
    • Confirm yellow fever vaccine (generally takes around 10 days to become effective)
    • Submit Medical Declaration Form completed and signed by your doctor
      Download Medical Declaration Form
    • Go shopping! Be sure you have binoculars, quick-drying clothes, water shoes, and all the other clothing, gear, and camera equipment you’ll need
      Download Kamba Packing List
    • Inform Kamba of any special dietary requirements or allergies
days before
    • Begin antimalarial treatment, or as recommended by your doctor
    • Ensure your total baggage weight (including hand baggage) does not exceed the 15kg (33lb.) limit
    • Spray your clothes with permethrin repellent to prevent mosquito and tick bites
    • Withdraw enough cash to pay (or exchange) for tips, visa upon arrival fee (if applicable), and other outlays. See tipping advice below.

    Note that only US dollar notes dated 2013 or newer, in denominations of $5 or greater, and in good condition will be accepted or exchanged. Any euro notes are fine.

    • Ensure you have the following items in your hand baggage for immigration:
      • Passport with at least two blank pages and valid for six months after your arrival date
      • Republic of the Congo visa
      • Yellow fever certificate
      • Two copies of Letter of Invitation
      • Required documentation for visa upon arrival, if applicable
    • Get ready for a life-changing adventure!
Frequently Asked Questions

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