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Ngaga Lodge


Hidden in a dense, nearly inaccessible forest, Ngaga is one of Africa’s most remarkable lodges, offering the rare opportunity to visit gorillas in a habitat barely touched by humanity. The experience will leave you with unforgettable wildlife encounters, a deep connection with nature, and a sense of supreme isolation.

With just six thatch-roofed bungalows nestled among the trees, plus a viewing deck, dining area, and lounge overlooking the forest canopy, Ngaga promises privacy and exclusivity. Even in the primal solitude of this intact ecosystem, you’ll enjoy stylish accommodations, exceptional cuisine, and warm hospitality.

The Setting

The Ndzehi Concession, a forested area just outside Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the Republic of the Congo, is home to numerous families of Western Lowland Gorilla, as well as the research team that has studied their behavior for decades, led by renowned primatologist Magdalena Bermejo. Ngaga is about a two-hour drive on dirt roads from our private airstrip at Mboko, through savanna and rainforest biomes and past the small village of Mbomo.


Hand-built in local style, Ngaga’s six double/twin bungalows feature en-suite bathrooms with hot showers and flush toilets, mosquito-netted beds, and wraparound decks overlooking the trees. Screened windows ensure a steady breeze and allow you to fall asleep to the sounds of birds, frogs, monkeys, and insects — the symphony of the forest.

A viewing deck built high among the towering trees provides a perch for watching monkeys and birds as you sip your morning coffee, warmed by a crackling fire. The open-air lounge and dining area is the site of delicious meals and relaxed gatherings amid the sounds of the forest.

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Signature Moment

Sundowners in the Forest 

After an afternoon walk through the woods surrounding the lodge, spotting butterflies, birds, and hooting monkeys, you come across a group of chairs set in a stream. You kick off your shoes and cool your feet in the shallow water while the guide prepares a batch of gin & tonics.

Ngaga is not a place. It is a life-changing experience.

Meet Our People

GUIDE Kerri DuPreez

Born in Zimbabwe, Kerri grew up surrounded by wildlife-rich game reserves, so the bush was her natural calling. Guiding since 2015, she has led horseback safaris in Big Five reserves and canoe trips on the Zambezi River, joining Kamba in 2021. She was drawn to the Congo by “the wonder, the mystery, and the vast expanse of unexplored wilderness in one of Africa’s last paradises.” An enthusiastic seeker of wildlife encounters, Kerri loves sharing her discoveries with guests along with her passion for conservation. “I’m proud to say that I am a Kamba guide, because if you can guide in Congo you can guide anywhere.” Follow Kerri on Instagram @kezi.in.the.congo.


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