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Guided Baï Walk

Prepare to get wet and a little muddy exploring the streams and marshes of the forest on foot — one of the few places in Africa where you can do this. Marvel at the dense flocks of Green Pigeon and African Grey Parrot flying overhead, and scan the horizon for Forest Elephants peeking through the trees.

Baï is the Mbenga word for the natural clearings that dot the Congolese rainforest, their nutrient-rich soil and water attracting wildlife like magnets. Water Buffalo, Forest Elephants, Bongos, and many other species of mammals, birds, and reptiles congregate on baïs to feed, bathe, and socialize. Our walks through and around Lango Baï provide eye-opening opportunities to encounter these animals as we literally immerse ourselves in their habitats.

Fast-drying clothing and water shoes (or old trainers you don’t mind leaving behind) are a must, as are dry bags to protect your camera and other gear.

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