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Lango Lodge

Life on the Baï

With one of the most spectacular settings of any lodge in Africa, Lango places you at the secluded heart of the Congolese rainforest. Suspended above a baï where elephants, buffalo, and other wildlife come to bathe, feed, and socialize, the lodge offers arresting views and unparalleled access to a pristine ecosystem.

Guests arrive at Lango after an epic, two-hour river journey that begins with kayaks and ends with a wet and wonderful walk through the baï — a literal immersion in the jungle. Once there, you’ll follow the footsteps of elephants through streams and forests, train your zoom lens on magnificent birds in the baï, and dry off on a walk beneath soaring kapok trees.

The Setting

Lango Lodge is perched on the edge of Lango Baï in Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Republic of the Congo. Wraparound walkways and elevated bungalows maximize the views of the baï, a wide, marshy clearing that acts as a magnet for huge flocks of Green Pigeons and African Grey Parrots as well as herds of Forest Buffalo and Forest Elephants.


Built over the baï,  Lango’s six cozy double/twin bungalows offer a front-row seat to the natural theatrics of the wetlands. Surrounded by lush vegetation and thatched in local raffia fronds, chalets feature en-suite bathrooms with hot showers and flush toilets, mosquito-netted beds, and wraparound decks.

A short stroll on a boardwalk brings you to an open-air pavilion, where you can sit by the fire to watch animals crossing just below. Unwind in the plush bar and lounge area, and dine on delicious cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients — all to a soundtrack of chirping frogs.

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Signature Moment

Foraging for Jungle Fruit

You’re wading knee-deep through the baï when the guide ushers you up the bank of a small hummock. “We call this Lime Island,” he says, the reason made plain as you inhale the fragrant, citrusy air. Soon you’re plucking plump, green limes off the trees, collecting them to give to the chef. Lime cheesecake for dessert tonight!

Lango feels like paradise. The wildlife viewing from the deck alone is incredible — one almost doesn’t even need to leave the lodge. Elephants, antelopes, and birds can all be seen…. I wish I had spent three nights instead of two.

Meet Our People

CHEF Kamano Ansoumane

A native of Conakry, the oceanfront capital of Guinea, Kamano trained as a chef at CENFOTH, a culinary and hospitality academy in his hometown, before working as a cook for several mining companies. A former colleague referred him to Kamba, where he has been creating exceptional cuisine for guests since 2017. Kamano’s specialty is incorporating local ingredients and techniques into his dishes, such as maboké de poisson, local fish steamed in banana leaves, or crème caramel scented with bulukutu, a fragrant herb found around the baïs.


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