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Nature Walks

A safari experience of unparalleled intimacy, our guided walks reveal the splendor of the Congolese Basin and its pristine rainforests. Quiet, reverent, and unhurried, they foster a deeper understanding of this precious ecosystem and the flora and fauna it shelters. Hear the sounds of the forest, smell the dewy humidity, and feel connected to something greater than yourself.

You might see birds with breathtaking plumage, and plants so rare they haven’t been named yet. You will see animals that have evolved to the forest environment: elephants with straightened tusks that don’t get tangled in the dense underbrush, gorillas agile enough to forage for fruit in the high treetops, vultures that eat plants because the jungle canopy makes it difficult to spot carrion from the sky.

Whether a forest hike at Ngaga, a wade through the fecund waters at Lango, or an exploration of the open savanna at Mboko, each walk promises something different — it is up to fickle nature to decide. But each usually ends in a delicious home-cooked meal or a delightful round of sundowners in a one-of-a-kind setting.

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