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Sangha Lodge Excursion

A place of raw authenticity and utterly inspiring wildlife experiences, Sangha Lodge is a pilgrimage site for nature lovers and adventure travelers, animated by its founders’ undying passion for the environment. Located just outside the remote and beautiful Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve in the Central African Republic — where elusive Forest Elephant congregate en masse — Sangha Lodge is available as a special add-on excursion for Kamba guests.

Built by Rod and Tamar Cassidy, Sangha Lodge is located along the peaceful Sangha River and near the astonishing Dzanga Baï, one of the few baïs where Forest Elephants can be seen in large numbers (up to the hundreds) during the daytime. Guests can observe the elephants’ social behaviors and interactions alongside rarely sighted creatures including Bongo, Sitatunga, Giant Forest Hog, and Red River Hog.

Sangha guests can also spend time net-hunting with the Ba’aka, walking through the Valley of Giants — home of some of Africa’s most ancient trees, with a canopy hovering as high as 11 stories (50m or 164ft) above your head — exploring hidden waterfalls, kayaking the Sangha River, and learning about conservation efforts in the region, which include the world’s largest troupe of Agile Mangabey monkeys, habituated and managed by the World Wildlife Fund, and the Cassidys’ own Sangha Pangolin Project, dedicated to protecting the critically endangered mammals.

The journey to Sangha Lodge involves a private flight from Mboko to Kabo airstrip, followed by a four- to six-hour boat journey up the Sangha River, flanked by cathedral-like forest, into the Sangha Trinational Special Reserve, a region shared by the Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, and the Central African Republic. 

To enquire about adding an excursion to Sangha Lodge on your Kamba Journey, please contact us at info@kambaafrica.com

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