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The Last Place on Earth

-D.H Chadwick, National Geographic

A visit to the Congo Basin is a transformational journey into one of the wildest, most isolated, most remote places on the planet. A rainforest second in size only to the Amazon, the Congo is home to more than 400 species of mammals — including the critically endangered Western Lowland Gorilla — 1,000 bird species, 10,000 plant species… and scarcely any outside visitors.

Kamba African Rainforest Experiences (formerly Congo Conservation Co.) invites you to become one of those privileged few. We offer the only opportunity to immerse yourself in one of Africa’s most spellbinding ecosystems. Encounter gorillas, forest elephants, African gray parrots, and other rarely sighted wildlife. Fill your lungs with the immaculate air of a forest barely touched by humanity. And experience the paradigm shift that comes from visiting one of the remotest, most remarkable places on Earth.


In The News

Kamba has been honored with coverage in many of the world's leading publications and television.
  • If you truly believe in supporting conservation of a remote, rich tropical rainforest, travel to Odzala-Kokoua National Park.
  • A pioneering adventure that leaves you feeling empowered and inspired.
  • Unique, remote, magical, intense, and breathtakingly stunning.
  • If you want wildlife, adventure, wilderness, and somewhere different, then Kamba is for you. I really want to go back.

Our Commitment to The Congo

The precious Congo Basin is a vital “carbon sink” that mitigates global warming. We believe sustainable tourism is the best way to protect it, and our guests play an outsize role in helping us do that. They also provide crucial support for our initiatives in primate research, sustainable tourism, and local community development.
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